The CRAZIEST book you’ve ever read, or you’re not paying a dime!

How would your life look like if you never, ever had to work?

My name is Reggie, and I live what many consider a dream. I go from one paradise to the next, cause chaos, clog toilets, have sex with exotic women, and always leave the mess behind. And though I’m often near death, I’m still here to share my stories.

Destination Poon is a unique collection of my most hilarious, disturbing and mischievous travel adventures and sex stories.

But make no mistake:

This book isn’t about me, but about you. It’s a book about freedom. About living fearlessly on your own terms. About seizing opportunities, and about the joy of life. It’s a book that will instill a fearless attitude within you that will motivate you to follow your most passionate dreams.

I need to get what’s in my head into yours, and this book will expose all my secrets. Destination Poon will shock you, make you laugh, teach you priceless lessons for life, and by the end of it you will not be the same person.

Every story was carefully crafted to drill deep into your psyche and instill the attitude that can make your life a thousand times better. It’s a mindset, that once adopted, will naturally attract more adventure, gorgeous women and pure fun into your life.

Let the chaos begin.

“I will now pray for woman-kind that there’s a future where men like you do not exist.”

“This man is shittier than a Third World country in a dysentery epidemic.”

“Genius! What an insane writing.”

“One of the best books I’ve read this year, the sales and persuasion techniques inside did wonders to my bank account within a very short period.”

“Enjoyed every second. Awesome writing and flow. It’s the kind of books where you reach the last chapters and feel sad it’s going to end.. Anyway, I learned a lot. Now it’s my turn to destroy poons.”

“Every night before sleep, half an hour of laughter and great fun. I don’t want it to end, it’s a show of a book!”

“Kind of a Donald Trump, only with potency instead of property.”

“Hey Reggie! I’m sure you’re already used to getting messages like these, but I’m sitting here and enjoying a couple of chapters before going to sleep and I’m just bursting off laughing. Awesome book!! It fills me with a strong urge to go do something crazy. It’s surely going to be my bible on my next adventure!! So thank you!! And I wish you loads of sales 🙂 You deserve it.”

Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“You turned my life upside down!”


“Hypnotizing and exceptionally smart.”

A different girl every 10 days.

It’s not a dream, and it can be yours.

In fact, this is my average when I travel, and you’re going to discover how. I’m not going to hide any detail, even if it is going to hurt some people.

Destination Poon is a book about funny adventures around the world, yes, but for some reason most of the tales are sexual conquests. I suppose sex just provides a fertile ground for humor.

This book will help you develop the attitude that will organically attract more girls to you. It’s an attitude that encourages stoic calmness, freedom and tons of self-confidence. An attitude that will make you walk proud and turn the heads of flight attendants, models, female travelers and any other girl you would desire.

Years of interacting with people around the world have helped me sharpen my social skills and decrypt human nature. It means that this book can save you years of trial and error. Use this knowledge wisely.

“The chapters about boning random girls add up to major lessons about how to approach women, people in general, life and business. Even the most basic girl chapter, like the first one, has a ton to say about confidence and how one acts in order to get what one wants. There are totally fucked up funny chapters, like the angry dad with the sword, and then there’s the chapters about him, like Reggie the Rapist. This chapter is key because it lets people get to know him. Most people would never, never tell this story, but because he tells it, the reader has no choice but to believe and trust him, and the big lesson is super important: If you stand out, people are going to come after you. Ignore their shit.”


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Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“I want to kiss every finger that wrote this book.”

“I can’t believe this guy is real.”

“The only words I can come up with are HOLY SHIT!”

20 hours of shock, surprise and pure fun.

Go to sleep with a smile on your face.

Let me ask you something.

What’s the price your pay for going to the cinema? If you add in the ticket, popcorn, drink, and even the fuel it takes to get there, we’re talking about twenty to thirty dollars, depending on where you live.

But wait! How much time are you going to spend there? 3-4 hours?

Well, Destination Poon takes around 25 hours for most people to finish reading. It means you’re getting about 10 times more “entertainment value” for your hard-earned money.

Oh, and that’s without taking into account the thousands of dollars I’m going to save you with my special premium guide for finding cheap flights, but more on that in a second.

“I like the energy of his writing. It is immediate, personal and authentic.”

“Amazing stories! One of the best books I’ve ever read.”


Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“Hypnotizing, hilarious and inspiring! The stories will take you to the most exotic locations on earth and give you such a slap in the face you’ll be both laughing and shocked. HIGHLY recommended.”

“That book has no limits. It doesn’t seek approval from the audience and just delivers the truth.”

“The stories were funny, entertaining and always seemed to teach a good life lesson.”

Fly anywhere for ridiculously low prices.

Save tens of thousands of dollars during your lifetime.

How could I afford to travel the world for so many years? Well, travel forced me to study the airfare industry and learn the craft of finding cheap flights. The result is that I can now find flights for dirt-cheap prices ($2 is my record!).

Plenty of people had already used my methods to slash hundreds of dollars off their ticket, and even the Daily Mirror featured me and my methods.

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“I’d like to thank you so much. I ended up paying $200 less for an international flight with very strict conditions. I am traveling alone with my 2 kids so I needed specific dates and hours! I am flying off in at the end of June, we’re only January and the prices are already ridiculous… So, thanks a million – these $200 will be well spent on ice-creams and we’ll be thinking about you 🙂 Best from Montreal, Jacob.”

“Thanks to you, I started approaching only the hottest girls in parties (I used to fear that and settle for the normal ones), I’m taking a lot more risks, and during my last vacation I even had it going with the hotel receptionist! I would have never, ever believed it could happen before the book. And thanks to you I also booked a flight to Thailand today and saved $550 off the normal price! Thank you thank you thank you, you’re awesome!”

Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“I can’t fall asleep, you gave me the waking call of my life!”

“You. Are. CRAZY.”

“Source of inspiration and energy.”



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Terrified of life passing by without fulfilling yourself?

Nobody believed I was going to make it, but I did it.

Do you have dreams of being totally free? Are you angry about having been misled into a path you never really wanted to take? You can be angry all you want, but if you’re not going to do anything, nothing’s gonna change.

Up until a few years ago I was actually a university student. It took me exactly three weeks to realize it’s not for me, so I left with one goal in mind: Build an online passive income that will allow me to travel the world. And that’s what I did. This book is the direct result of that decision.

Take a hundred random people at the beginning of their lives, follow them for ten years, and here’s what you’re going to get:

Out of the hundred people, half are going to be miserable and wake up every morning to the sound of the alarm clock on their way to a job they hate. About a quarter are going to feel ‘fine’ with what they do, but without any real passion. Another quarter are going to be dirt-poor. Only one or two are going to make it and fulfill themselves the way they’ve always wanted.

Where are YOU going to be in ten years? Wake up. We have one life. Destination Poon will give you such a motivation boost you’ll want to go out and chase your wildest dreams. Death is going to catch us all, so why not enjoy all the way there?

Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“The stories reveal Reggie’s life philosophy piece by piece, and so even though they’re random (in time, by subject), they all add up to the major thing, all working together toward a big theme about how to live life (women, travel, work, family, etc). And what I love about it is that it reflects the way we actually construct a life philosophy: seemingly random events all add up to a big moment where we’re like ‘oh! this is how you’re supposed to live.’”

Cultivate a stoic sense of self-confidence.

Invite more fun and adventures into your life.

Short-term, this book will get all troubles out of your head, yes, but it has a lot more for the long-term. It took me so much time to write and edit Destination Poon because I wanted the stories to be perfect. My goal with each story is to drill inside your brain and instill that same upbeat, confident attitude that surrounds the whole book.

It’s an attitude that will turn you into a much more peaceful and confident individual, even in times of trouble. Your life will become more colorful. If you have even the slightest interest, then buy this book. There’s nothing to lose. You can always return it and get your money back. Or… give up on this opportunity and see your life goes on the way it is for the next fifty years. Your choice.

“HILARIOUS AWESOME! What a great book. It’s a fantastic story, and it’s going to help a lot of people change their lives. Every story is hilarious and educational, and has a solid beginning, middle and end. Every chapter is a surprise. You never know where you’re going to end up or what’s going to happen. It’s like someone telling you stories at a bar. They’re not in order, and one adventure or life lesson doesn’t always lead to the next one structurally. But it’s not a textbook. It’s a book of stories, and I like never knowing what’s going to come next.”

“Heyyy Reggie, just wanted to say that I haven’t been enjoying a book so much for a long time. Destination Poon made me decide to continue what I had begun a couple years ago in online business. Hopefully I’ll have my passive income too one day.”

Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“Not just about the sex — so much of it is about how to live an adventurous and happy life.”

“You’ve inspired me to follow my dream: the financial freedom to travel the world.”


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The perfect book for your trip.

Action. Girls. Adventure.

If you plan on going abroad soon, Destination Poon is THE book for you. Yes, obviously I’m biased, but I can’t think of any other book that fits the travel lifestyle better.

This book will encourage you to mix with cultures, bang locals, and it will inject a serious motivation boost in you during and after your trip.

“WOW! Admirable. I have no other words but WOW!”

“One thing you need to know about this book: It will make your chest hair sift with excitement. And if you don’t have chest hair, this book will make it grow.”

Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

Destination Poon gets a honorable spot on my table, because it really changed me. Before the book, I had no idea how to approach girls, let alone get intimate with them. I’m calling out to all you men out there: read, implement, and bang!”


What behavior should you display to attract models, flight attendants, dancers and other top-notch women?

How to know if the girl you’re dating is a psychopath?

How to stay calm even in the face of a life and death situation?

What should be done to convince a random women from the street to let you try some of her breastmilk?

How to maximize your testosterone and turn into a sexual beast?

What should you do to survive armed robbery unscratched?

How does it feel to get lost in a jaguar infested jungle at night?

How does it feel when you wake up early in the morning and find a girl with a knife trying to rape you?

What’s a man to do when he’s stuck on a tiny island full of virgins?

How hard is it to convince a criminal to shove a hot pepper down his asshole?

How does it feel when a father wants to kill you with a sword because you messed with his daughter?

How to maximize your quality of life, and your levels of happiness?

How can you convince girls to do unbelievable, unacceptable things for you?

What happens when you feed a girl with fried insects right before sex?

How to convince a vegan to blow you because there’s vitamin B12 in sperm?


How to know when a guy plays with you?

What tricks do men use to get you laid?

What not to do if you want to land a good guy for marriage?

What do men look for in a woman?

What kind of behavior makes men repulsed by the thought of committing to you?

Have the feminists been lying to you the whole time?

How to increase your boyfriend’s testosterone levels?

How can you protect yourself from men like me?

How does a strong woman act like?

Why is sleeping with a lot of men destructive to you?

Why do men appreciate purity in women so much?

How to earn a man’s respect?

Why should you stay away from Thailand’s food stalls before having sex?

Why should you take everything men say with a grain of salt?


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“Half of the time I was laughing, the other half I was having a boner. I feel like I’m starting to use a lot of the concepts in the book and the amounts of boobs jumping in front of my eyes is growing exponentially. Destination Poon is cool, hilarious, surprising, and puts the truth right in your face with no masks. Not recommended for fake people.”

“When you’re lying on the beach and read Destination Poon, you know you’re about to learn something. From one chapter to the next, from one country to another, I couldn’t stop laughing and wonder how is it that your’e still alive to write this book??? :)”

“Don’t read this book when you eat — CHOKING HAZARD!”

Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“I am putting my daughter in a nunnery because I know Reggie exists.”

“Funny and confident style of writing.”

“AWESOME book! I have never in my life laughed and was so shocked at the same time.”

Chapter List

(Flag symbolizes the country where each story occurred)



The Russian Flight Attendant


Spermy Jewish Revenge


I Love You, Bebe, You Are Perfect For Me


The B12-Enriched Mayan Blowjob


Broken Heart, Broken Car


The Ukrainian Model


The Future Belongs to Those Who Challenge the Present


The German Model


Banging Somalia... And a Laptop


Kibbutz 69


The Virgin Island


Tengo una Pistola


The Dark Matter


Lady Cranberry


Blood Alone Moves the Wheels of History


The Bourekas Antidote


2 Girls, 1 Cock: Experiments in Testosterone


Reggie Goes to Jail


I Like to Clean 'em Bushes


Reggie Destroys America


Mom, Can I Have Sex with Reggie?


Bang Her Till She Vomits


The Anal Habanero Eruption


The No-Sex Challenge


How to Pick Up Hot Swedish Girls


How to Travel Europe with No Money


The Albanian Vineyard


Reggie Gets Raped


Reggie the Tomb Raider


Reggie Milks Burmese Women


The Condom Necklace


How to Identify a Femme Fatale


When Guard Duty Gets Shitty


The Transporter


Betting on the Wrong Horse


Her Father Will Kill You


The Centenarians of Abkhazia


The Costa Rican Jungle Tick


Crazy Pilot vs. Crazy Reggie


Reggie the Rapist




“Many thanks for the way you’ve been shaping my mind.”

“I read and enjoyed this book. Highly recommended to anyone, yes, even to women, but they have to approach it with an open mind and not from a self-protective place. Believe me, you’ve never read anything like it.”

“I’ve been following Regev’s blog and travel exploits for a number of years now and have always been envious of his adventures. The book had me in tears of laughter all the way through and and provided an insight into a way of life we all dream about – but never quite have the balls to reach out and grab! Regev lives the life you want, and inspires you to do it for yourself.”

Available Now!

Exclusively here.

I have dedicated two years of my life to this project. Destination Poon took thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. Crazy talented editors, proofreaders and designers were hired. I didn’t spare a dime. I wanted it exactly how I envisioned.

However, you won’t have to spend more than $19 to re-live the stories and enjoy the book. And with all the money you’re going to save with my special guide to cheap flights, you’re actually losing money if you’re not buying Destination Poon. So…

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Destination Poon: Collector's Edition (Soon)

  • Digital copy of the book. (You’ll get ePub, PDF and MOBI files for Kindle)
  • One huge, exclusive canvas full of motives from the book, signed personally, shipped to your home at no additional cost, no matter where you live in the world.

100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

ZERO Risk.

If you decided you hate me, just contact me within 60 days and you’ll get your money back instantly, no-questions-asked. As a gift, I’ll even let you keep my special guide to finding cheap flights.

How’s that for a guarantee? You have zero risk. Why do I offer you all that? Because I am that confident you’re going to love it.

“I felt like I just had to email you: YOUR BOOK IS AMAZING.”

“Reggie is a sex and philosophy hero, and his way invites surprise and adventure into life. I’m biased, because I LOVE it. After chapter one, you’re either going to throw the book away and hate him forever, or you’re going to read and love every fucking word, because hanging out with Reggie is so much fun.”

“The book is thrilling. Reggie’s writing is unique and fun, and the fact that each chapter is an individual story and not a part of large plot makes this book light and enchanting.”

Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“Just finished your book, really enjoyed it. Your ‘I write as I speak’ style caught me from the beginning. The places you visited, the people you met, your unique experiences — even though it’s all yours, I felt it all through your writing. It felt more than sharing. I felt as if I experience it all through the book, and that’s a very special talent. And with all due respect to your sex stories, your book is a whole guide to life. There are so many quotes and insights anybody can take to improve their life perspective. Please don’t stop creating, and keep changing the world’s perspective on itself.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I know how my book affects people. I get their messages. I read their emails. It’s a shame you’ll miss out on this experience only because something wasn’t clear. That’s why I sat and thought what could be reasons why:


What if I don't read books?

The problem is usually with authors, not readers. Many books are just too boring. Destination Poon was written in a simple language that speaks to all of us. People tell me they feel as if we’re hanging out in a bar together during their read. Try it. You can always get your money back if you didn’t like it (won’t happen!).


Is it a digital or physical book?

This is a digital book (ebook). I believe — wholeheartedly believe — in the digital revolution. Digital books are easier to read, easier to carry, and they don’t leave a heavy footprint on planet Earth. Personally, I don’t posses physical books anymore.


What if the book sucks?

You have a 100% money back guarantee.


You sound sexist!

You sound ugly.


Is it worth the price?

Think about it. You’re getting here dozens of hours of entertainment. In comparison to an amusement park or the cinema, that’s a lot more entertainment hours per dollar.


Will the book ever be on Amazon?

Maybe, but not soon.


What countries have you been to?

Israel, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Holland, Laos, Bulgaria, Italy, Vatican, San Marino, England, Serbia & Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Jordan, Taiwan, France, Switzerland, Belize, Georgia, Armenia, Romania, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Japan, Panama, Hungary, Slovakia, Singapore, South Korea, Ethiopia, Seychelles, Cyprus.


Batman, Spiderman or Superman?


“Allow me to compliment you on both your writing and for the amounts of ‘brains’ that you’re putting in your work.”

“Hey Reggie, your book is amazing! I read two chapters every night before sleep, and it makes the difference between ending a normal day to a crazy fun day. Many thanks for this HILARIOUS time.”

“Dude, you have an incredible fucking life! I have to admit that without the photos I would have never believed some of the stories.”

Destination Poon: Reggie's Sex Stories & Travel Adventures

“AMAZING stories. The book reads really easy and keeps the reader’s attention all the way thru. I let the girl I’m fucking right now read a chapter. She loved it and she doesn’t even read! I had to pull the computer away from her so I could fuck her again. Apparently Reggie’s sex stories are just as good as the real thing.”

“Insanely genius and addictive.”

“A crazy experience. Highly recommended if you’re skeptic.”

Ready for the next best thing?

The book you must read in 2016.

If you like flat, academic writing, this book is 100% not for you. But if you prefer direct and authentic types of books, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, then you’re going to love Destination Poon.

As a bonus, you’ll even get my guide to finding cheap flights, a guide that will save you thousands or maybe even dozens of thousands of dollars along your life. How can you say no to that?

“Hey Reggie! I wanted to let you know that although I can’t even touch books usually — I have absolutely DEVOURED yours! Respect.”

“Fiery writing! Some of the chapters are really awesome, really blatant in a way that I love. And even though you didn’t mention any names, I don’t know how I’d respond as a girl you fucked who happens to be in the book :)”

“I read your book yesterday and couldn’t get my hands off it! I reached the middle of it at about two o’clock at night, and I can’t wait to get back home today to continue. Your attitude to life is amazing :)”

“Reggie, the book is awesome awesome awesome! I’m 26, live well, traveled a lot and read all the self-improvement classics, but in your book the advice is embedded into real stories and that’s what makes your book so different. I’m currently working in West Virginia, around page 270, and I make sure not to read more than one chapter a day so that I can spread the book across as much time as possible. Every read gives me an incredible boost of life and energy.”


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